Drop Hat Style Survey


Please take a moment to complete this brief survey so we can get to know you better. We would never want to send you something that you don't like, so this survey will help us in customizing your box and tailoring it to you. 


What is your age?

Let us know your age range to better help us identify with you.

What sex do you identify with?

Let us know if you're male or female so we can help tailor your box to you.

If we were to include an item of clothing in your box, what is your shirt size?

While this is a hat and accessory mystery box, we could include other clothing and fashion items such as a t-shirt.

What types of hats do you prefer to wear?

Lets us know the style of hats you prefer to wear

What is your Pop Culture "Persuasion"?

Let us know the type of pop culture that you like! If you

Tell us some of your favorites!

Are you a "PotterHead" or a "Pokefan"? Let us know a few of your pop culture favorites!