Our Story

Drop Hat was started by four friends with a passion and enthusiasm for hats and hat culture.

Our passion and dedication is what drives us to provide you with kick ass hats and accessories to keep you looking your absolute best.  We realized early on that we all had a deep passion for hat culture and wanted to help others realize their own passion.  Drop Hat was born with the idea that fresh style and kick ass hats shouldn't be hard to come by, and most importantly shouldn't rock your wallet.  Drop Hat wants to transform the way hat heads purchase hats and accessories.  We know style, so why not leave that part up to us?

Omar "The Professor" - Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer

Nuwan "The Commish" - Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Nishu "The Mechanic" - Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Justin "Juice" - Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer