Drop Hat Season Pass

This is a limited-edition prepaid quarterly subscription which means you will receive a box with one hat and a minimum of 2 accessories every three months for one year.  The Season Pass price is $139.80 USD which is a savings off $20.00 off of the regular price of four quarterly Rookie boxes.

There is a limited number of 50 Season Passes available.

The Drop Hat team will e-mail you within 24 hours of purchase with a copy of the style survey to fill out.  This will let us get to know you (or whoever you bought this for) style and allow us to customize each box to your exact tastes.  The style survey will ask questions around hat type preference, colors and which teams you root for.

The first season pass box will ship within 10 days of placing your order and then the remaining three boxes will be shipped according to the season pass schedule of March, June, September and December.  For example, if you purchase on July 1st, the first box will be sent within 10 business days of that date, and then the next three will be sent in September, December and March.